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Moutai Chun 1992


Moutai Chun invites you to savor the essence of traditional Moutai craftsmanship in a uniquely charming experience. Crafted with precision, this amber elixir reveals floral and fruity notes with subtle hints of spices, offering a smooth and balanced palate that embodies the classic Moutai style. The harmonious blend of ripe fruits, nuts, and vanilla, accompanied by gentle tannins, creates an elegant and delightful mouthfeel. Enjoy the lingering aftertaste that captures the distinctive allure of Moutai. Affordable yet exceptional, Moutai Chun is a gateway to the authentic Moutai experience, perfect for both enthusiasts and collectors. Elevate your spirits collection with Moutai Chun’s timeless charm.

Experience the timeless essence of Moutai Chun and immerse yourself in its distinctive charm. This Moutai liquor is meticulously crafted using traditional methods, embodying the hallmark Moutai style. The amber-colored elixir gracefully releases enchanting aromas of flowers and fruits, complemented by subtle hints of spices and baking.

On the palate, Moutai Chun offers a velvety and balanced profile, delivering a rich and flavorful taste that epitomizes the classic Moutai character. The harmonious combination of ripe fruits, nuts, and vanilla seamlessly blends with gentle tannins, creating an elegant and indulgent mouthfeel.

The lingering and pleasant aftertaste of Moutai Chun invites you to savor and appreciate the unique allure that defines Moutai. This affordably priced bottle of Moutai Chun is an excellent choice for those seeking to experience the authentic essence of Moutai, making it a noteworthy addition to your collection and a gateway to the world of Moutai’s distinguished craftsmanship.


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