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2014 Château de Sales


The 2014 Château de Sales is a Pomerol gem, epitomizing Bordeaux’s finesse. Dominated by Merlot, it unfolds with dark fruit richness, floral hints, and a touch of oak. Velvety and refined, this wine offers immediate pleasure with aging potential. Immerse yourself in Pomerol’s history with this Bordeaux masterpiece.

Château de Sales, a distinguished wine from the Bordeaux region of France, stands as a testament to centuries of winemaking tradition and the unique terroir of the Pomerol appellation. The 2014 vintage is a captivating expression of the estate’s commitment to excellence, showcasing the timeless artistry of Bordeaux.

In the glass, the wine unveils a deep, garnet-red hue, offering a visual prelude to the complexity that awaits. The nose is greeted by an aromatic symphony, where the dominant Merlot grape varietal takes center stage. Ripe dark fruits, such as blackberries and plums, mingle with subtle hints of violets, earth, and a touch of oak. This intricate bouquet sets the stage for a tasting experience that unfolds with grace and sophistication.

Upon the first sip, the palate is enveloped in a velvety texture that speaks to the prowess of the Pomerol terroir. The Merlot-driven core of the wine shines through, providing luscious flavors of black cherries, currants, and a hint of cocoa. The supporting cast of Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon adds structure and complexity, contributing layers of spice, tobacco, and a touch of cedar.

The 2014 vintage is marked by a balanced acidity, offering freshness that enhances the overall vibrancy of the wine. The tannins, while present, are refined and integrated, ensuring a smooth and lingering finish. The judicious use of oak barrels during the aging process imparts subtle notes of vanilla and toasty nuances, adding an extra layer of depth to the wine.

Château de Sales, with its historical significance and dedication to quality, invites wine enthusiasts on a journey through time. The 2014 vintage, while approachable now, holds the promise of graceful evolution over the years, rewarding those who choose to cellar it. It encapsulates the essence of Bordeaux winemaking, blending tradition with innovation and reflecting the unique character of Pomerol.

More than a wine, the 2014 Château de Sales is a narrative of the estate’s legacy, the art of blending grape varieties, and the continuous pursuit of excellence. Whether enjoyed on its own or paired with fine cuisine, this Bordeaux gem invites you to savor the rich tapestry of flavors and embark on a sensory exploration of the Pomerol terroir.


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